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When it comes to the reading modes,different people hold different views,Some people suggest that they like reading E-books,while others think that reading paper books is better.From my point of view,I prefer the first one.

There are mainly three reasons for my view,On the one hand,it is convenient for people to read E-books. For example,you can download E-books from internet at any time and save them to your computers or mobile phones.You may read the books whenever you want.On the other hand,comparing with paper books,E-books can save more money.As we all know,E-books are much cheaper than paper books and sometimes they are even free to read.Finally,reading E-books can protect our environment. Instead of making by paper which have to cut a lot of tree and consume much energy, E-books are much more environment friendly.

Talking all above factors into consideration, I think E-books are better than paper books in the information age


Nowadays, water shortage has become a serious problem that arouses the concern of the whole society. It is threatening the survival of human beings.

There are two reasons for this problem. On the one hand, water pollution is more and more serious. It is factories that release a lot of wastes into rivers, lakes and seas. On the other hand, many people lack of the awareness of saving water.

Confronted with the water problem, we should take a number of effective measures to solve it. First of all, gorvernment should carry out highly strict policies to punish the factories that pollute the water. Secondly, we should alse make efforts to save water from our own.

In conclusion, I believe that only when we work together can we expect to have a better future.


Dear Tom,

How are you doiing? I am writing to share with you my volunteer experiences during the summer holiday.

From 15 July to 30 July, I went to Yunan and worked as a teacher as a village school. In the morning, I was a Chinese teacher, teaching students reading and writing, For example, we read many interesting sotries and learned a lot from them. We all had a wonderful time.

In my opinion, there are two main reasons for my volunteer work. On the one hand, taking part in volunteer work can improve my communiaction skills, I learn how to talk with strangers and get along well with different kinds of people during the work. On the other hand, the experiences of volunteer make me more confident, I try express my ideas in front of others and do my best to help people, which give me more confidence than before.

Althought I was tired those days, I benefited a lot from my volunteer work. How about you holiday? I look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes!

                                                                                                                                Yours turly,
                                                                                                                                      Li Ke