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Bicycle Commuting

I may not be a movie star,best-selling author,or millionaire when i grow up,but one thing I will be known for, at least locally,is commuting by bicycle.I's sad to see how few people do even though many could Lots of people eagerly campaign for the reduction of greenhouse gases,out driving cars,they're sill contributing to the problem.

You might be picturing me as an extreme environmentalist(环保主义者),but'm not one of those teenagers who wear shirts that say "Help save the world:Recycle."Actually,my interest in exercise,health,and fitness led me to cycling.

Cycling can help you lose weight,improve your health,and prevent many diseases.Cycling also carries a relatively low chance of injury.

While being good for your body,bicycle commuting is also a great way to cut greenhouse gases.Many environmentalists recycle,plant tees,and drive hybrid cars(混合动力汽车),but bicycle commuting could be even more effective than all of those combined.You could cut down the amount of greenhouse gases just by commuting by bicycle few times a week.

Bicycle commuting saves money too.When you buy your bicycle and the things that usually go with it.You might be shocked by the cost.But if you think about the increasingly high gas prices,you will know for sure that you can save a significant amount each year by not driving a car.

You might think that you don't have time for bicycle commuting probably do.You could cut back on your TV time and pick up this activity .It helps you care for the environment,save money,and most importantly get fit.

  1. I will write a best-selling book on cycling.
  2. Many local people commute by bicycle.
  3. I am devoted to environmental protection.
  4. I started cycling to improve my health.
  5. People are less likely to get injured while cycling.
  6. People drive to work for convenience.
  7. Bicycle commuting could be more effective in reducing greenhouse gases.
  8. People are in a good mood while cycling.
  9. Gas prices keep going up.
  10. Bikes are inexpensive to most people.


I recently heard a story about famous scientist who had made several very important medical achievements. He was asked why he was so much more creative than the average person.

He responded that it all came from an experience when he was about two.He had been trying to remove a bottle of milk from the refrigerator when he lost his grip and it fell,spilling the milk all over the floor.

When his mother came into the kitchen,instead of yelling at him,or punishing him,she said,"Robert,what a wonderful mess you have made!Well,the damage has already been done.Would you like to play in the milk for a few minutes before we clean it up?"

Indeed,he did.After a few minutes his mother said,Rober,whenever you make mess like this,eventually you have to clean it,how would you like to do that?We could use sponge or a towel.Which do you prefer?He chose the sponge and together they cleaned up the spilt.milk.

His mother then said,"You know,what we have here is a failed experiment in how to effectively carry a big milk bottle with two tiny hands.Let's go out in the back yard and fill the bottle with water and see if you can discover a way to carry it without dropping it"The little boy learned that if he grasped the bottle at the top near the lip with both hands,he could carry it without dropping it.

The scientist remarked that it was then that he knew he didn't need to be afraid to make mistakes.Instead, mistakes were just opportunities for learning something new,which is,after all,what scientific experiments are all about.Even if the experiment "doesn't work,"we usually learn something valuable from it.

11.This story is about a scientist who

A.was extraordinary when he was young

B.became well-known after an interview

C.was smarter than the average person

D.achieved great success in the medical field

12.He got the milk spilt all over the kitchen floor because he

A.dropped the bottle

B.was naughty

C.slipped and fell

D.was weak

13.After seeing the spilt milk,his mother

A.shouted at him

B.cleaned the floor herself

C.encouraged him to play in the milk

D.forced him to clean the kitchen

14.The mother and the son went out in the back yard to

A.fill the bottle with milk

B.clean the bottle

C.find a way to carry the bottle for a new bottle

15.According to the text,mistakes give us chances to.

A.know the truth

B.learn something new some experiments

D.teach a child a lesson


Volunteers are people who work without being paid.They do the work because they want to.We need volunteers because there are many things that need to be done in society which the Government can't afford to pay for.

Volunteers are motivated by desire to help others and to make the world better place.Statistics suggest that more than one million people do voluntary work in New Zealand.Some volunteers do the kind of work that they are particularly interested in,but perhaps haven't had the chance to do during their working lives.Others make use of their professional skills and experience.

Volunteers contribute to society in a number of ways.For example,some give their time to help preserve the natural environment.While there are government-run projects to maintain national parks and forests,the projects would not succeed without volunteers.Some environmental organizations rely solely on voluntary labor.

"Meals on Wheels"is voluntary organization run by the Red Cross.It delivers meals to elderly people who are unable to cook for themselves.Every year volunteer drivers deliver a million meals .This enables elderly people to remain in their own houses.

Volunteer Service Abroad was started in 1962.It sends volunteers to poor countries.To be a volunteer you should be between the ages of 25 and 77,of good health and have a skill or ability that is requested by the country.Volunteers spend two years helping the local people improve their lives.Two years is a long time,but when they return,many volunteers say:"It was the best two years of my life."

Task 1

A.Definition of volunteers

B.How volunteers are organized

C.How volunteers contribute to society

D.Why people want to be volunteers

E.An organization sending volunteers abroad

F.An organization delivering meals to the elderly


21.People do voluntary work because they want to

22.Some volunteers help others by_.

23.Some organizations rely on volunteers to help

24.The elderly can have their meals delivered without.

25.Many volunteers returning from poor countries. others

B.leaving their homes for the elderly

D.using their professional skills

E.find their experience rewarding

F.preserve the natural environment

How to Talk to a Doctor

It's one of the saddest situations in modern medicine.The average doctor's appointment lasts 15 minutes or less._26__That doesn't'leave much time for chatting about the weather or your mood.

What you don't realize -but what I see very clearly as a doctor -is that what the patient says is more important than ever._27_They can also make it much harder for me to figure out what's wrong with you.

Medical schools teach a specific way to conduct an office visit.Part one is the complaint.28 Part two in the physical exam.And part three is when the doctor gives you a diagnosis and prescribes or a treatment chances are,you focus on part three,but the patients who receive the best care are those who master part one. The key is to describe in detail what you've been feeling-not just "bad"but what kind of bad,for how long,and after what kind of activity.

_29_Even though I've been a doctor for many years,I tend to be a little nervous when I'm the one sitting on the exam table.If I haven't prepared,I lose track of the details I intended to share_30_When the doctor asks you questions,you can be more specific,and the diagnosis and treatment will be more accurate.And there may be a few minutes left over for a little pleasant conversation!

A.No wonder you feel rushed.

B.Of course,that's easier said than done.

C.It is wise to see a doctor with your friend.

D.It is also called the description of your problem.

E.So I take a few minutes to write down some crucial details.

F.In fact,your descriptions can help me give you great care

Planting a Garden

Planting a garden is a lot like having a family.Both require a great deal of work,31_as they grow and as the seasons_32.As summer days lengthen,your plants become33_on you,much like your children depend on you for food and drink.Like a34child asking for drink of water,your plants do the same.Their bent body issues a demand much the way your child requests milk or juice.Getting enough water,they would thrive soon.

You might also find you have to the35around your plants,much like you pick up toys and clothes that have been thrown in your kid's room.Similarly,roses need to be pruned(修剪) and weeds need to be pulled.To keep children healthy,parents protect their children against disease with_36_,and gardeners do the same with insect(驱虫剂) To nourish(滋养) them,parents__37 children vitamins,and gardeners use fertilizer,as both promote healthy growth.

As children grow up,they need less care.However,here's where the similarity ends.While plants die or become38during winter,children39 maintain an important role in the family,and parents will find their40_does not come to an end. B.clean C.change D.inactive

E.Dependent F.still G.strong H.give

I.Responsibility J.thirsty K.medicine L.especially

What Makes Us Different

The reason Earth40_(differ)from all the other 41(planet)in the universe is because of you and me.At first,we were living in caves,the came the ice age,then the meltdown,and 42(final),what we are today.We and Earth as a whole have changed so much.The only thing that hasn't changed is our greed and 43(jealous).

While we were in caves,we fought for food.While we were living on the ice,we fought for_44(warm), clothing,and food.Now,we are45_(fight)over land.Why do we fight for land that was never in our 46(possess)?Wars,big or small,take place every day.Earth is a single nation.All the land masses on it belong to the planet,not to us.Everyone is the same,regardless of race,gender,or religion.We are all deserve to be47(treat)equally.We are all also unique,but that doesn't make us any48(little)human than the next person.

If we can start by 49(pay)compliment()to different person each day,our world will be 50(friendly)to live in.If we at least help one person in need and let room for love to grow in our hearts,the world will be a better place.

某英文报社正在举办题为"Spring Is Coming"的征文活动,请你根据下述写作要点提交一篇英文短文应征

  • 简要描写春天的景象
  • 介绍人们在春天里的各种活动





  1. planets (planet)
  2. finally (final)
  3. jealousy (jealous)
  4. warmth (warm)
  5. fighting (fight)
  6. possession (possess)
  7. treated (treat)
  8. less (little)
  9. paying (pay)
  10. friendlier (friendly)